Reading through the pages of ‘Nectar Stream’ a book by HH Radhanath Maharaj, gifted to me by one of my dear God-sisters, I came across this quote, “In this age of Kali, moving mountains is easier than trying to co-operate”. It brought a grin on my face. “How true!” I exclaimed to myself and continued with my routine. Now all those who have the experience of the Mumbai locals especially the mumbaikars will agree with me that an unpredictable fight or a senseless argument is obvious in the compartment; especially among the female passengers. That day I witnessed one such argument among two ladies. Out of them one seemed to be highly religious and powerful, at least by the statement she made. She said to the other woman that just because she fought with her god will punish her severely. I wondered. Is this what we understand about religion and spirituality? Will God even consider the prayers and pleas of this woman?
How can any religion make someone so vengeful and intolerant? Can any religion take away our empathy, understanding and patience? Gurumaharaj says, “Seek not to be understood, but Understand.” It is so important. I was amazed. We cannot maintain our tolerance and composure even in a journey of 20mins, and we talk about being religious and spiritual. I could now connect to the quote I read that morning.
I realized how we talk about Loving god and serving him and worshiping him while we do not even follow the basic requisites by loving and serving his people. For loving God means loving everyone and everything just as him. Shouldn’t we first try to cultivate basic qualities and then aim for higher moods? Isn’t it better to learn to draw before attempt our masterpiece?
Tolerance, Co-operation, Forgiveness, Patience we talk about these principles. But how often do we practice them. If our mother scolds, we immediately back answer instead of tolerating, if our friend or anyone hurts us we become vengeful or at least angry instead of forgiving. We simply do not try to adjust, but always want to control. Where Krsna expects us to be simple at heart we complicate our lives like a spider, which builds web around itself and is finally trapped in it to death.
What does simplicity means? Wearing simple clothes? Eating simple food? Or is it about having a heart free from envy, pride, anger and hatred; filled with only one intention, “how can I please the Lord?” The moment we center our lives around pleasure of Krishna and his service, we will be able to get rid of all these anarthas occupying our mind. A simple Heart doesn’t try to control, instead adjusts and compromises to maintain the harmony. A Devotee is very determinant but at the same time extremely humble. Dalai Lama said, “In the practice of Tolerance, once enemy is the best teacher.” All we need to do is before exhibiting any emotion ask a quick Question to ourselves, “Will this please Krishna?

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