Love is always patient and kind
it is never boastful nor conceited
it is never rude or selfish
it does not take offence
and is not resentful
Love takes no pleasure
in other people’s saneness
but delights in truth
it is always ready
to excuse
to trust
to hope
enduring whatever comes

Thank you for always being there for me. For Tolerating my anger and impatience. You never complained but always treated me with patience and Love. There were many times when I was ungrateful and selfish but you still forgave all my mistakes. You always offered me your unconditional Love. You were there for me in my failure and you rejoiced in my every achievement. You comforted me when I was upset. You held my hand and guided me when my journey seemed tough. Who else can ever Love me as you do? Who else can ever be so patient? Forgive me that I cannot Love you back as much, I am too caught up in my busy life, I realize you are waiting for me, so that I can speak with you, spend some good time with you, but every time I try to do it, my mind flickers away and I disappoint you once again, yet you smile at me and, “Its alright, try again, I am waiting.” I am trying, but nothing works, Its like I am acustomed to ignore you. But I promise I won’t give up, I promise one day I will surely Love you more than anything and everything. I want to Love You you are the most wonderful beloved one can ever have. But a shameless fool like me,can’t give up other commitments and I beg to be helped. Won’t you help me my Beloved Ghanshyam???

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