I was attracted by a beautiful girl, who seemed to be my Samaritan and I felt that she could be my best friend. She was very pretty and talked very pleasingly, this illusion ended when I discovered she was a terrorist disguised, her intention was not to physically harm me, but she would not let me speak to anyone, not make any phone call or send any message. I was kind of home arrested by her. I tried to lock her in and escape but she caught me. I called the police they seemed least bothered and said they would come the next day to arrest her. She was laughing at me, in anger I tried to chop her with a knife and I kept stabbing her, but she won’t die. I chopped off her leg and made scars all over her body but she still laughed at me looking even more ferocious. I called some butchers to take and just cut her off into pieces because there was no way to destroy her, she escaped them and jumped into a pool pretending to be dead, but just when I relaxed she came back and called for me in a very grave and scary voice. I woke up pale and panting my breath out. It was a scary dream.
It was 4 in the morning; I got fresh and sat for my rounds of japa. I was still terrified with the dream I sincerely prayed to Narsimha Dev to cast away my fear and soon I realized, “Wasn’t that beautiful lady a personification of my FALSE-EGO?”
Our False-ego also appears very pleasing and attractive, but soon it starts taking us away from our loved ones, it doesn’t allow us to speak to them, apologize to them and care for their feelings. It keeps us arrested within ourselves. We cannot lock it; it catches us. When someone tries to hurt it, it gets even more ferocious. No one else can help us get rid of us just like the policemen who were least bothered or even the butchers who failed to catch her. And when we think we are free of it and get careless it comes again terrifying us calling for us and petrifying us.
This made me worried, how can we be free of this false-ego. The answer to it was “Wake-up” it is a dream, “False”-Ego, it is only an illusion. We need to pray to Narsimha Dev, take complete shelter of the Holy-names; only then shall we be free of this False-Ego, only then shall we be able to overcome it. And accept the reality the only truth “ayi nanda tanuja kinkaram” (sikshastakam verse-5), that ‘I am the eternal servant of the beautiful son of Nanda Maharaj.’

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