“King of the world Thou art poor; Happiness is with the Servant for Sure”
“It is true that wealth and luxuries make you glad; however, there is no use of this momentary gladness. One can be contented perpetually merely by giving happiness to others. One can gain serenity by bringing a modest smile on gloomy face one can experience showers of blessings by satisfying a starving stomach. One can attain triumph on sorrow just by tending a wound; Sheathing a stripped or simply by doing little to add joy to this mourning world by serving unconditionally- not the ones who can repay you- will craft you as the most happiest person on this soil.”
I found this note on a sheet of paper when I was cleaning my treasure boxes on Sunday. I wrote it when I was in School class 8; I remember we were learning Be-attitudes in our religion class which made me elaborate this. But while reading it now I found something missing in it. Perhaps something that I experienced over the years or I learnt in the association of Vaishnavas.
Everything mentioned are act of goodness, we can always do them, it’s better than being rude and selfish. But how long can we feed someone and how many? How many clothes can we provide, how much sorrow can ‘We’ take away. My Guru Maharaj often quotes Mother Teressa in his lectures “The world is hungry, not the hunger of belly but hunger of heart. The world is hungry for Love and only God’s Love can satisfy.”
It’s just so real; we can make wonders when we simply become instruments in the hands of God and let him use us as he wants. Feed the hungry with God’s Love, cover the timid people with the protection of god’s promises, bring them joy; eternal happiness by teaching them the art of Loving God, of Trusting and Depending on Him. Only that can bring them complete Peace. “Perfect Happiness”.

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  1. praveen sagar

    yeah….happiness comes from contented heart…but one shudnt negate the power of wealth….wealth is neutral…its just force multiplier…if ur happy ..wealth makes u more happy n vice versa,,,

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