Not really some realizations but just a day collected in my memory bag . . .
The day began with guilt of Waking up late, compensating for which I made a plan to go to temple with my mom and my cute little cousin; to my frustration the plan was cancelled when my mother suddenly remembered my Grandma’s invitation to her home. I agreed to it as my Grandma made me promise a visit to her. So it was six of us (my aunt and her two daughters also joined in) who finally decided to surprise Grandma. . . Somewhat convinced and equally disappointed with the change of plan, I tried to accept my Day as it came.
Due to the usual rush of Mumbai local, all six of us dispersed in different corners of the compartment in search of a place to sit. Nothing better could have happened, as I found sometime to chant rather than force myself into traditional talks with my mom or aunt.
I felt good after few rounds and had kept aside my beads when my cousin came to call me saying that they got seats for all of us to sit together. I went to them and spent some time cracking jokes and clicking pictures.  Had a small textual conversation with a friend which reflected some of my deficiencies, although I am well-aware of them, and know I need a lot to change, for some reason realizing my shortcomings at that moment irritated me, perhaps my ego was pricked. With some disturbance of mood, we reached soon, and as we knew they were pleasantly surprised to welcome us.  After a little snack my Grandpa took me upstairs to his study to have a small conversation with me. He has a deep spiritual inclination in Christian Faith and the first question he asked me was, “How is your Spiritual Life?” He was preaching bible to me, I felt good, because ultimately he was talking about my Kanha whom he called Yahweh. It was a good conversation; he gave me a book to read too.
Soon Mom called for me as it was time to leave. Grandpa escorted us till the railway station, the situation in the train even while returning was the same, scattered in beginning and united again. Suddenly mom proposed to get down at some station and go to the lake for some boating and visiting the fun-fair, I was too bored to say yes, but my cousin was too excited and the whole plan depended on my affirmance. My mean mind said no, he got upset, suddenly the saint in me exclaimed, “Let’s Go!” And we got down, walked till the lake enjoyed the crazy rides, took a Tonga-ride which seemed embarrassing yet too funny to care. Then we had some food and headed back.
I was missing dad all the time, the only time I visited that place before, was with him and I could do nothing but imagine how would the day had been in his presence.
While returning I was too tired to think of anything rational and so entertained myself with a useless fight with lovely people around me. They are too kind to tolerate me and I misuse this favor every time. Next Morning I was just reflecting on my day when I realized it was simply perfect. Some disappointments, some surprises, some lovely moments with lovely family, and some fights with loved ones, some matured conversations and some childish amusement rides. Isn’t that a way to paint your life, with all the colors?
Like a little child who scribbles his imaginations not bothering how will it look like? Will he receive appreciations? Will he be mocked at? He simply scribbles his imaginations and mind you those are very precious to him. The Lewis Berger tagline “Paint Your Imaginations” that’s what we need to do to keep our life simple. Why complicate it caring about opinions of people who don’t care. Let the only person judging you be the Lord in your heart, who will guide you to choose your colors. He is painting your life with you. It is just you and him. And it will surely be a Masterpiece unique of its kind.
Let him choose the colors, he will consider your likes and dislikes at the same time he will consider what will suit the painting, and balancing both the things He will add beauty in every detail.
Make your painting Perfect, just Paint it with God.

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