Reading through some quotes in my Collection I came across this morning, Even Harsh words is Violence“- HH Radhanath Maharaj. What kind of violence this is, no weapons but can cause the greatest injury. And many a times this kind of violence is not between strangers, but only our dear ones, whom we are supposed to be Loving.
Sometimes we experience the consequences of frustrated emotions and expectations, This experience makes us unhappy resulting in Anger, Depression, Hopelessness, Insensitivity, Envy, Confliction, Lonliness, Violence, Selfishness, Vengfulness and whats most destructive is we become UNFORGIVING.
When few people come together as family, they seek support, understanding, acceptance and above all LOVE. It is very easy to support each other, help each other, understand, accept and Love each other when things are pleasing to our ego. But how many times do we make an attempt to support a person who had dejected us, to understand when someone was rude and harsh to us, to accept someone who has hurt us and to Love a person who exhibited their anger at us like an age-old enemy.
Its alright to be angry and upset with someone, but what is important is after we are done exhibiting these emotions how we get along happily forgiving each other, accepting them for what they are, and Loving them with the same zeal.
When an ice builds up in a relationship, instead of trying to break it to pieces with the hammer of ego, it is better to melt it with the warmth of Love. Love means to understand the situation of our dear ones when they hurt you and not hurt them back.
It may happen that when you draw the thought process of all family members on a pice of paper they will all face in different directions, but what we have to see is they are all on the Same Paper.
When you embrace the pain it is bound to change. When you offer Love to others despite their behaviour they are bound to Love you back with even more intesity than they might have hurt you.
Love and Forgiveness is the only way to fill the cracks created by Ego.

The world is becoming a Trouble machine with upsetting situations arising every moment,Everyone is overridden by thoughts; that’s why they have so much heartache and sorrow. It is very important to understand and forgive the troubled heart of our dear ones and make a beautiful little world- Family – full of Love with The All Loving God at its Center.

Time is running and Life is too short to complain, criticize and hold grudges instead Let us appreciate, Forgive and Love each other.

Anger is like a burning coal, when we hold to throw at somebody, we fail to realise we are burning our own hands.- HH Radhanath Marahaj

The beauty of Forgiveness is that it cures both the offender and the offended. The Beauty of Love is that it fills all the hearts with happiness Whether you give or receive. Because Love is God and God is Love and Love is all there is. Feel the blue boy present among us, and act only to please. Let the World Experience his Love through You.

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