Talking with a friend this morning a very interesting conversation filled my thoughts. This conversation was with my Counselor few years ago. After a long gap of around one month I could finally visit temple, I was very excited and RadhaRaasbihariji were wearing my favorite blue and silver with an even more beautiful ‘Pagdi’ (turban). That was not all.
Even RadhaBankimrai (my counselor’s deities) were in a brilliant golden dress. My eyes celebrated the most blissful festivals of the darshan. Few thoughts began to race in my mind and I simply asked Mataji, “Mataji, Krishna blesses with a desire to serve him, to see him, then there are obstacles, then He makes the way, then we come to him thinking that we are pleasing him by doing so; but if we observe It is actually He who is making us Happy. Then what are we doing?” Mataji smiled and she replied, “We tell him that we want him. We accept to be his servants.” That’s all.
Bhakti is so simple; just firmly accept to be his servant. Just genuinely desire to Love him. And He includes you in his pastime. But it is so difficult for us to just do this simple thing. So many desires to fulfill, that we either keep postponing the Desire to want him – Krishna let me just achieve this particular thing then nothing do I want, Krishna this is my last wish, Krsna just let me get this job then I can serve you better, Krsna let me clear this exam then I will concentrate on my Sadhna, Krsna let me first get married so that I am free to do my Sadhna etc… etc… etc… – so many reasons to postpone the KC DESIRE. Or else If we do not postpone worse we do is pretend to have the desire while still lamenting on our losses.
This discussion reminded me of One of Gurumaharaj’s(HH Radhanath Swami)lectures. In that lecture he was explaining the Maakhan Chor leela of Gopal. How Gopal’s stealing is justified. He explained-
Everything belongs to Krishna, he can take it any way, but he chooses to steal, and when he comes to steal something from us then he is including us in his pastime, and if we do not allow him to steal then it is actually that we are stealing from him, we are rejecting his mercy by lamenting on our losses. He can steal anything from us, and surrender means to give it all, no holding Back. Can we Try it?

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  1. praveen sagar

    well…we use STEAL from human-social point of view…we use STEAL when we feel we owns something and He is taking it…nothing…absolutely nothing belongs to us…even this breath and moment is owned by us…we are all tenants of Gods dream. like it or not. thats the fact.

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