Sea shores have always been a hot-spot for a wide range of lovers from fun to peace. Depending on the popularity of the beach and the time of day or night, you can count the number of people at the beach. Early morning and a lonely beach is the time and place you need if you are a lover of peace and quiet, and what to speak if suddenly love melts in your ears and fills your heart with joy. Something similar was experienced by one of my husband’s managers recently in Goa.

Last night when my husband came home I expected him to not talk to me, as we were on cold terms since a few days for reasons incomprehensible for both of us. But he was excited about something and wished to share it with me; at dinner he told me how his manager who had recently been to Goa for a vacation was enchanted by the singing of Harinaam at the beach by few devotees. He had intentionally opted for that beach because it is not usually crowded and is thus less noisy, but was taken by surprise when a group of devotees were singing Hare Krishna Mahamantra. He described it to be a very enchanting and peaceful experience.
We had the remaining food in silence; my husband asked me what I was thinking, and I said I will let him know. And here’s what it was.
The first thing that came to my mind was far-sightedness of Srila Prabhupad, to start this activity of Chanting Mahamantra at the beach. Of course there are numerous more things done by Srila Prabhupad that has never failed to amaze devotees and Harinam at the beach was one of them.
I was also reflecting on the glories of Harinaam-“God’s Lovely Names”-the most attractive sound vibrations in the entire creation. When I was a kid the first thing about the faith my parents followed (Christianity) that I was taught was “In the name of the father, and of the son, and the holy spirit- Amen (so be it)” When my thirst for spiritual knowledge and desire to know about Krishna brought me to ISKCON, The first thing I was asked to do was Chant the Holy names of the Lord. “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”  I was drawing similarities, I don’t claim these similarities to be authorised. it is what I have understood( I am therfore open to comments and corrections) this is simply what I realised and happened to me. My Spiritual journey in this body from the time I am conscious began with importance of God’s names, and my Spiritual journey on the path I chose, or the path that chose me began by chanting those names. A Trinity there a Trinity here. Lost in these thoughts as I was travelling back the memory lane I stopped at one Sunday class I attended, Our guest teacher a senior nun from some other church asked us, what is the thing we need the most to survive. Different students were giving different answers, water, oxygen, money etc . . . Although she politely accepted all the answers, I was sure she was expecting something else, for an obvious reason that it was not a science or economic class, and right I was when she expressed satisfaction as I said “Unconditional Love of God” is what we need the most to survive. Without which we won’t be able to even take a single breath leave aside everything else. Now let me confess it was not my genius understanding or high enlightenment. It was something I had learned in a lecture at the temple in the previous week.
Another thing I was reflecting on was one of my most favourite things to do. Out of the very few similarities that I share with my husband the most interesting desire I find is we both love sitting at the beach and sing Kirtan. Something we don’t miss to do whenever we visit Sri Sri Radha Gopinath at the Churney road temple near Chowpaty beach (Mumbai). Juhu beach is usually crowded and silent Kirtan is generally not possible.
The most important thing that I realised, is that just by discussing about holy names we forgot that we were angry with each other for reasons unknown to both of us, and our relationship became fine once again. Another magical potency of Harinaam. That gives me a practical solution to end our baseless arguments hence forth :p
Golden rays of the Golden Sun on the Golden grains of sand
Golden voice singing the Golden names of Blue boy and His Golden doll
All glories to the Golden Avatar and His Golden devotees
Who brought this Gold for all.


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