Beginning with an adorably romantic treasure hunt of perfectly selected gifts by my husband, my day began all excited and pensive. Going through daily chores, accepting love-filled wishes from dear ones, fulfilling some hobbies, reading, chanting, playing with my bachu and spending some family time, I reached the threshold of dusk in a blink of eyes.
We left for the temple; my baby’s first visit to Radha Gopinath, and mine ‘after a long time’ visit. After an almost 2 hour journey, when we reached the closed door my heart skipped a beat and eyes immediately checked the watch. The doors were yet to open for last (shayan) Darshan of 10 mins.
Listening to the heart-melting tune of the Mahamantra, I recollected the same feelings that had filled our heart the previous time I was there. Same apprehension filled anticipation, some excitement, it was all the same just a lil more guilt of having the filth in the heart increased.
The Darshan opened, dressed in pink roses and white lilies the blue boy and his golden doll were captivating everyone’s heart. The 10 mins of Darshan passed like 10 breaths of the heart, and again time to leave. We had Prasad, and left. What occupied my mind at that moment was the pink and white beauty of the most lovable sweethearts.
Next day when I reflected on the day, I realised it was a small replica of life. a pensive beginning, responsibilities, hobbies, dreams, lil sadhna, leisure time(wasted time), a delayed start (post dusk)? owards the final destination and a day ending in peace; although it had feelings of anger, frustration, joy, pain, all passing throughout it ended in peace and gratitude, few regrets but also few hopes.
This mini replica of my life in one day gifted me one of the finest realization I ever had, although we know it, picturing it or living it made it more substantial that everything is gonna pass just like 25 years of my life, but how I let it affect or bring an effect depends on my conscious living because I may not be able to remember or feel their presence throughout, the pink roses and white lilies drapped love is with you throughout and is also waiting at the end.


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