Your Leap of Love on your Journey Within

Who We Are

Your friend who will know you and Love you just the same . . .

It is said that Healing is a matter of time, but that isn’t entirely true. It is also a matter of Love, It is a matter of opportunity. We at healing corner wish to offer you the most beautiful opportunity to heal yourself and others. I Rasikaapriti along with my husband Nehal Modi (Natraj) have selected the most effective healing modalities and products to provide you a one point solution for Healing, Counselling and Coaching services, Training in Healing modalities, Healing Crystals, Himalayan Rock salt Products, Natural Cow products, Meditations, Counselling, Spiritual Library and much more.

Spirituality has healed every aspects of our lives. By making simple yet effective changes in your life you could enjoy wholesome living. With this intention in mind we have started Healing Corner, to share the secrets to a fulfilling life.

Happiness is your choice, Love is your choice
Choose Happiness Choose Love Choose Healing.


Our Services

We at Healing Corner believe in inspiring conscious living.
“Peace is not absence of storm, but being calm amidst the storm.”
Healing corner is your corner to Heal and grow deep.
We help people to be touched by peace and filled with Love.
So that when someone tries to pull you in their storm,
you pull them in your peace.

We achieve this state of consciousness through
Meditations, Reiki Healing, Angel Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming and much more.
This is your opportunity to bring out your best, heal your heart and not just Grow but BREAKTHROUGH, not just Perform but OUTPERFORM while you live every moment Consciously

Our Products

“Within nature lies the cure of Humanity.”
Hence with heartfelt adoration, we also offer Natural Healing Crystals and Himalayan Rock Salt products.
To facilitate Complete Happy Living.

Join Us on this Beautiful Journey Within

The Heart and Brain Of Healing Corner
team member
Life Coach, Reiki Grandmaster, EFT & NLP Practitioner

Former Associate professor of Creative Writing and
Communication Skills, Trainer of Programming languages in
Seed Infotech, Rasikaa pursued Reiki and other tools of
Spiritual Healing and Divination as a hobby.
But Later, when she had more and more people coming up
to her, She decided to leave her job and with her
husband’s help became full time engaged in inspiring
people to live Consciously.

team member
Nehal Modi
Founder, Manager, Healing Channel

Even after working in Hospitality, customer
Service, Relationship Management at a renowned
bank and managing own Family business
He never felt delighted with his jobs; until,
He founded Healing Corner along with his wife
Rasikaa, The feedback of the first batch of their
service is what became the inspiration to make
this Corner available to as many people as
they can.