My Day started with a worried mind and an upset heart. I was trying to install a few softwares on my PC which would not work out. So decided to go to college and get some help. It took me longer than expected and so with Great disappointment I gave up the idea of spending the later part of the day at the temple. Once my work was completed around 4 pm I left from college, called up Prabhuji and inquired what his plan was. He informed me he is going to attend the Kirtan Mela and had already left his place. For a moment I got upset, as I would not be able to attend the most ecstatic event-“Kirtan Mela”.  Our trains were running almost parallel, so we decided to meet up at the next station for some time and then go our ways. Suddenly I just asked him,“can I attend the Mela too?” I knew its next to impossible as there would not be any pass for me, and the time doesn’t suits as I already informed my mother that I would be back home early that day, All this was just disappointing me more and more.
We met, and he asked me to come along.I felt butterflies in my stomach when he said the pass is arranged. I was Delighted. In a moment I had a mixed emotion of gratitude, wonder, shock. It felt like a beggar invited to dine with the king and his royal associates.  The more we were getting closer to the auditorium the more I was getting nervous at the same time super exited. All of a sudden I thought of My Guru maharaj, I so much wanted to have his Darshan but I realized he was already present there in the morning and so I presumed he won’t be coming in the evening (Got disappointed). Nevertheless the excitement of being a part of the Kirtan Mela for the first time was enough to cover all the gloominess.
Soon I was in the ocean of Transcendental Bliss, Swimming to my complete ability, 2 hrs passed like two seconds, and it was my time to leave, Just the thought of leaving gripped me with great pain. As I was leaving one of my god-sisters caught me, and insisted I must stay for the next hour. I was worried, as I had too much of work pending to be done in so less time. I went out and spoke to Prabhuji and some friends what should I do, One of them told me if I wait I won’t be able to leave till it ends. I didn’t quite believe him. And thought I would leave in 15 mins… But he was so blissfully right.
As The Kirtan started, the atmosphere changed totally… The deities of Radha and Krsna appeared so real, he seemed to be smiling, and to add on to my ecstasy Guru maharaj entered and sat just 2 ft ahead of me. How could I possibly think of even moving an inch out of the sight. I sat there completely glued and lost. The battery of my cell phone was on the verge of dieing any minute I so intensely prayed please Krsna let this phone be alive till I record this Kirtan, at least a considerable part of it. Miraculously the phone survived for that one hour, and died just when I stopped recording. I felt grateful. It seemed like no time had passed when The Kirtan ended and now finally it was time to leave as it was over 2 hr journey back home, and the time was already past 8:30.

With a heavy yet grateful heart I started walking back to the bus-stand. All the time I simply meditated on that entire day. Since past few days, Life was presenting its challenges one after the other. I felt lost, left-out and very depressed. But by arranging the Kirtan night Krsna reassured He is there, all the time, With me, Guiding me, Leading me, Protecting me, Listening to me, Loving me. I know I will never be lost, He is there to help me. My Best Friend, My only Samaritan, My Blue boy.

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