Janmashtmi is here and we see many people decorating their houses, decorating ‘palanas’ (cradle) and arranging various paraphernalias. But take a moment to think, -while I am absolutely not against Deity-Worship- is that all the preparation required to Welcome the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Is he really interested in the nature of the metal of the palana you bring for him or number of flowers you offer, or sweets you make?
Krishna is ‘Atmarama’ meaning self-satisfied completely. By accepting our services He is actually pleasing us. Then how can we please Him? This question reminds me of an interesting story. ‘Krishna had 9 lakh cows, some of them were ‘Surabhi’ cows which produced extremely nectarine milk. These cows were personally taken care of by Mother Yashoda. She fed them Extremely fragrant special grass, milked them personally, and make butter out of them for Krishna, which was of highest quality and nectarine. All of it for Krishna. Then why would he steal the butter? Also being the Supreme owner of everything in all creations, everything belonged to him. Why would he steal? The answer is that by stealing this butter in his playful childhood pastime, He would steal the Butter-like Heart of the Braja-gopis. Their hearts were soft, pure, and sweet like freshly made butter. And they would keep it ready for Krishna to come and steal. So Krishna stole their butter to honour their offering of Love.
Wouldn’t we want Him to steal our hearts  too? He can come and reside in our heart provided we keep it ready for him, A heart which is pure, full of Love, and free from hatred, anger, lust, envy, greed and pride. Our Heart is the most important thing to prepare to welcome the Beautiful Blue boy. He is Coming. Get Ready.
Happy Janmashtmi.

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