Each event, no matter good or bad, is the necessary link in the chain of your life.


6-session program.
To provide wholesome healing.

  • A personal one on one session for 2 hours that combines
  • 15 mins meditation,
  • 15 mins of chakra healing through reiki,
  • 60-75 mins(time may vary) of interactive counseling + healing using EFT/Inner Child/Matrix/NLP (depending on the case).

A group session for 5 hours that combines
To provide wholesome healing in a cost effective way using the method of borrowed healing a person saves on time and money.

  • 3×15 mins meditation,
  • 20 mins of chakra energizing,
  • 15 mins of chakra healing through reiki,
  • 3×60-75 mins(time may vary) of interactive counseling + healing using EFT ,Inner Child, NLP (each).

Meet yourself
No matter how deep you have hurt, no matter how hard it has been. The opportunity exists for you to heal and be happy.
A special 3 hour program journeying within to heal deep rooted issues, belief systems, hurt, wounds. And start a fresh life.

Your Life Your Way
No one can tell you what you can do and what you cannot. Stop coming in your own way. Its your life create it your way.
This 5 hour program combines Meditations EFT NLP that empowers you to identify your dreams, analyze the outcome and manifest them.

Secret to Happy Living/ Achieving Success
“Happiness is what you are and what you want to be.”
Who doesn’t wants to be happy? This special program aims at bringing true inner joy and also maintain it in your lives.
Success is not just about money or possessions. Learn the secrets of achieving Wholesome Success From the Experts.

A Walk To Remember
A weekend Recreational Program generally organized in the outskirts of town, for complete natural experience in the arms of nature, completely embracing yourself, and starting a fresh.

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