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Reiki Workshops

tReiki is the universal life force energy, a beautiful modality which sometimes uses the healing power of touch and intentions. Reiki not only gives the health benefits and spiritual benefits as shown in the diagram alongside, but is also a powerful tool for manifestation.

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki is a magical combination of crystal therapy and Reiki.

Seraphim Reiki

Seraphim Reiki is a healing that  brings the direct light of seraphim to healing and spiritual ascension. We can get vibrational ascension, healing until three past lives(under divine order), expansion of the aura, activation of your angelic essence, inner beauty, vitality, expulsion of low frequencies energy.

New Life Reiki

New Life Reiki is a Beautiful reiki modality which focuses on cutting your chords with your past life and starts a fresh.

Dolphin Reiki

Dolphin Reiki is best used to overcome pain and depression.

Angel Therapy

Angels are always around us helping us in different walks of our life. Angel therapy teaches you to invoke the blessings of angels to bring healing and manifestations in our life.

Crystal therapy

Using the magical energies of crystals, bring healing and abundance in your life by learning how to use them for different purposes.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an emotional healing technique which is also capable of dramatically relieving many physical symptoms.

It is based on a revolutionary new discovery that violates most of the beliefs within conventional psychology. It contends that ‘The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

With remarkable consistency (50-90% depending on experience) EFT relieves symptoms by a seemingly strange (but scientific) routine.

EFT works by tapping with the fingertips on various body locations.

This tapping serves to balance the energy meridians which becomes involved in an emotionally disturbing circumstance.

The actual memory stays the same, but the change is gone. Typically, The result is lasting.

Cognition often changes in a healthy direction as a natural consequence of the healing.


The thing about Meditations is that you become more and more YOU. Often people find it difficult to meditate. A guided meditation makes meditating easier.

We also conduct guided meditations for specific purposes like: Anger release, Heal your life, Manifest your dreams, Heal your relationships. And much more …

Violet Flame

Use the powerful energy of violet flame to perform strong cleansing and healing.

Violet flame is a powerful modality especially for cleansing, chord cutting and strong healing.

Lavendar Flame of Kwan Yin

Lavendar flame is a gentle healing energy to heal sensitive and delicate tissues like depression.

It carries the loving warmth of mother Kwan yin.


Self-hypnosis helps you to get access to your subconscious mind. It helps you to relax and manage negative emotions like anger, stress, sadness, etc and Boosts your self Confidence.

Become a magnet to manifest your desires and experience the magic manifestation with your mind power.

Divine Light Ascension

Divine Light Ascension is a powerful healing modality which accelerates the process of Ascension, while it works on your higher chakras.

Healing Your Inner Child
Tarot Reading

Tarot is an exquisite form of divination. A tool for guidance and prediction with the help of Tarot Cards.


A love affair with numbers can enhance your lifestyle abundantly. Numerology is a beautiful art of exploring the mysteries of numbers and their roles in our lives.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing

NLP has special techniques for:
• Powerful Communication
• Removing stage fears
• Powerful Presentation skills
• Having rapport with the audience
• Managing stress
• Stage Anchoring
• Using powerful commands
• Using words that bypass the left brain.

NLP strategizes the way you think, the way you speak and the way you act in order to help you create the life of your dreams. Special customized seminars conducted based on the requirement of the profession.

Time Management

One of the major problems faced by people today. Time management doesn’t always means making a time table and following it. Sometimes our inefficiency in managing time can also be due to procrastination, lack of ability to prioritize tasks etc… Helping people to identify and eliminate their short comings, and complete the works efficiently on time.

Relationship Management

Relationships include Fights, Jealousy, Arguments, Faith, Tears, Disagreements, But A REALationship fights through all that WITH LOVE. Rekindle the spark of Love, Love Endlessly, and Forgive Unconditionally, We are all Work in Progress and We are all Allowed to make mistakes.