Often we face many obstacles and Challenges in our endeavor to practice Devotional Services. Financial Obstacles, Pressures from Family and Peers, Our own instability and fear and there are many more thoughts haunt our mind all the time. It is very difficult to keep our mind Vacant, but is it a wise option to keep it occupied with worries and fears? Neither worrying reduces the Worry nor Does Fear removes the Fear, it only adds to anxiety. But we are accustomed to these kinds of Extra Curricular Activities, We make it our Prime duty to deal with the obstacles ourselves, to try and try to remove it, to keep plotting plans to be obstacle free. Let us ask ourselves, “Do we really want these obstacles out to perform our sadhna better or is it because we do not want to take efforts?” Mostly it is the latter part.
Krishna Loves Butter; he steals away the best butter. So why not try to become that Best butter and then Offer ourselves to Krishna? But to become the Best Butter we need to be churned and churned and churned. If you are scared of this churning will you be able to become the best butter for Krsna to steal you?
When obstacles hurdle your way, pray to Nityananda for mercy, it is the most gracious situation to take complete shelter, we are not the controllers, so lets not waste time trying to control our Lives. Instead of wasting our time trying to plan out ways to remove our obstacles, it is better to use that time planning ‘how to still serve in the existing situation’.Let the churning be, you just concentrate on becoming that sweet delicious butter.   
When the Gopis wanted to observe the Katyayani Vrata to attain Krishna as their husbands, Krishna wouldn’t let them do it. He complained to their families, he would disturb them in their pooja, steal their samagri etc etc… He always came up with excellent ways to stop them. But the Gopis hardly bothered of what this Prankster would do, they were more focused in completing the Vrata and so did they. Krishna had to finally give up. He couldn’t resist tasting the butter of their Love.
If you get scared, worried or upset with the churning how will you ever be the Best Butter? Let as many churnings come so you become the softest most delicious butter for krsna to resist. Smile when next time you face any obstacle, Krsna is challenging you, and he loves to be defeated. Soon he will Steal the Butter of Your Love.

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