Trying to fathom the complexities of 20 vowels in the sprint of completing the assignments my mind drifted to the time where learning 5 vowels was an achievement finding words that do not contain these vowels was a clever discovery. The simplicity of lifestyle then, drew my attention to the simplicity of the thoughts and heart of a child.
It is so open and so unpolluted; filled with innocence. They fight with their friends and get along in no time. When you scold them they get hurt, but the moment you smile at them, they come running to you. No ego, no duplicity just a simple heart vulnerable yet resilient by the power of forgiveness. And the best defence statement “jo bolta hai wahi hota hai” (the one who teases possesses the same qualities) isn’t it the same principle, “what you see in me is nothing but your reflection” or “When people insult you that are telling you the exact negative qualities they possess.” Kids not only use this statement to defend themselves, but religiously believe it. They express themselves without the fear of being judged being truthful inside out.
I thought to myself what happens as we grow up, what changes? Why can’t we still be able to take things lightly, why can’t we easily forgive? What are the impurities that enter our heart? And what makes us shut ourselves. We are constantly at guard, what are we protecting ourselves from? We take offences so easily and can hardly forget? We find it so difficult to genuinely apologise. And if we see someone who has innocence like a child, we call them dumb or foolish or silly.
These intriguing thoughts invoked a strong aspiration to try to clear the blocks within me obstructing the flow of innocence and Love. To be able to free the heart from the shackles of pride, ego and anger and float in the bliss of sheer being, being in love with the creator, sing like a bird without knowing who listens and caring about what they think. Bathe in the light of freedom, freedom from prejudices, from ownerships, from false sense of identity and fear of losing. Not worrying about list of things that could go wrong and bothering to be right always.
Is it so difficult to go back innocence ago and be a child again?

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